Passion for Culinary Innovation


Our passion is food! We love to develop new products that will leave you and your clients amazed and wanting more.

Less is More

It seems magical, but all our products have in common that the foodprint is far less than what is common.


We thrive when we are challenged to develop someones idea into something you can really sink your theeth in!


Great for the bbq season!

Our sausages come in three delicious flavours; oyster-mushroom, seaweed and tomato. Kids just love them!
They offer a great alternative on the barbeque. We are especially proud of the bite - the casing of the sausage is crisp while still fully plantbased.

Ultimate Sausage

Up to 15x more sausage at a comparable footprint.

Nowadays oyster mushrooms are a desired delicacy. Who would have thought they first where cultivated in Germany during World War I in order to feed the people? Inspired by the tasty mushroom and the long German tradition of sausage making we developed a delicious mushroom & beer sausage.

Seaweed Burger

Our delicious burger made from Seaweed!

The heavenly seaweed burger we make from sustainable seaweed which we receive from the first seaweed farm of the Netherlands, Zeewaar  The flavourful seaweed adds a lot of delicious umami. On top of that the seaweed burger contains more protein then chicken.

Also available as Seaweed Loaf.

Tomato Burger

Made from the most tastefull tomatoes!

The flavourful tomato burger contains more then 50% tomatoes, that's where the delicious umami taste comes from. It is seasoned with Italian herbs. If you like pizza you like the tomato burger, but the real good news is that it contains much less salt and fat than pizza.

Also available as Tomato Loaf.


Shroombites are a delicious umami kick made form oyster mushrooms and seaweed.

Enjoy Shroombites whenever you fancy a savory snack but rather not the calories; driving in the car, cosy on the couch or when having appetizers with friends.


In two flavours; Seaweed or Tomato.

We made the Italian style tomato loaf for those special dinner occasions. Like the tomato burger it contains more than 50% tomatoes delivering the ultimate umami taste. Imagine serving the loaf wrapped and baked in puff pastry. Also you can use the loaf as a burger roll, cut it in the desired portions and freeze what you like to use later.

The luscious seaweed loaf is undoubtedly the highlight of every dinner. Sustainable, healthy, flavourful seaweed enriched with plant based protein finished with delicious herbs and spices. Serve it in one piece or wrap and bake it in cabbage. 

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